Job Vacancies at MONERE Development Services

Trainer and Business Developer
Job TitleTrainer/Business Development Specialist
Reports toMonica Murphy
The Enterprise Centre, West Street,Tallow,     Co. Waterford3 Days

9:00am – 5pm

1 hour for lunch


  1. Research, design and deliver training courses and manuals/workbooks as required by Clients such as but not restricted to:
    1. Customer Service
    2. Business writing Skills
    3. Time Management
    4. Communication Skills
    5. Interview and Hiring Skills
    6. Team Building Skills
    7. Managing Meetings
    8. Presentation Skills
    9. Retiring Positively
    10. Conflict Resolution
  1. Gathering of Client Feedback from evaluation forms and make the required adjustments to the courses.
  2. Updating of courses based on best practice/innovative thinking
  3. Designing games, activities, exercises for courses that will engage and inspire the learners
  4. Research the Client’s industry so as to be as familiar as possible with their work and use relevant examples
  5. Replying to Client requests and drafting up proposals for new business
  6. Scanning the environment (e.g. papers and e-tenders) to spot new opportunities
  7. Communicating with existing and potential new clients develop the business
  8. Maintain accurate records for client interactions on the CRM system
  9. Post updates to the business social media sites as may be relevant.

Expected Behaviour:

  1. Punctuality particularly when visiting a client to deliver a course or to facilitate
  2. Honesty and respectful communication
  3. Brave enough to speak up when you feel strongly about something or identify a better way
  4. Flexibility as a small and growing business will require
  5. Innovative and creativity with courses.

Training and Business Developer Application Form

Please return Application form by email to on or by Friday 2nd March 2018

Sales Executive
Job TitleSales Executive
Reports toMonica Murphy, CEO, MONERE Development Services
The Enterprise Centre, West Street,


Co. Waterford

5 Days

9:00am – 5:30pm

1 hour for lunch

Job purpose                                                                                                                                                               

We are seeking a competitive and trustworthy Sales Executive to help us build on our business success and enable our ambitious growth plan activities. You will be responsible for the discovering and pursuing of new Client prospects and maintain current client satisfaction. Your goal is to meet and surpass our target to drive rapid and sustainable growth.

 Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Sell training services to new and existing clients:
    1. Training courses (one off events to address a specific need)
    2. Training programmes (Graduate Development, Management Development programmes of approx. 8/9 days in total)
    3. Webinars and online consultancy services
  2. Maintain and develop good relationship with clients through personal contact, meetings or via the telephone
  3. Actively seeking out new sales opportunities through cold calling, reading the papers, networking events and digital media sales
  4. Setting up and travel to meetings with potential clients and listen to their business challenges and presenting them with a solution that suits their budget
  5. Participate on behalf of MONERE at networking and promotional events
  6. Track and monitor sales progress on the CRM and liaise with the team frequently on your sales progress
  7. Researching, reading and writing tender response documents
  8. Replying to client’s requests and drafting up proposals
  9. Working closely with the MONERE trainers to ensure the timely scheduling of client solutions

Skills and Attributes:

This position offers the perfect opportunity for a self-motivated and committed professional with a results-driven approach. The ideal candidate needs to be a fast learner with a passion for sales. The suitable candidate must have:

  1. Minimum of 5 years’ experience working in Sales Executive role
  2. The skills to work independently and as part of a team
  3. The capability to flourish in a dynamic, fast paced, high entrepreneurial environment
  4. Excellent verbal and written Communication skills including exceptional telephone manner

Sales Executive Application form

To apply, please complete return Application form by email to by Friday March 2nd 2018

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