Start Date:22nd June, 2018
End Date: 22nd June, 2018
Time:09:00 am to 10:00 am (UTC+0)
Repeat:Event repeated every week
Cost: €50(ex VAT)


This webinar will give an overview to the new regulations coming into practice on May 25th 2018 and what you need to know and do     Content:

  1. Summary of Key Changes to Data Protection
  2. Rights and Responsibilities of Data Subjects
  3. Considerations for interviewing and contracts
  4. Responding to a request for Data Records
  5. Overview of required documents such as:
    • GDPR Company Policy
    • Data Breach Process
    • Requests from and to stakeholders for GDPR compliance assurance
    • Updated contracts
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Organized by: MONERE Development Services
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