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So we are 2 days into February, phew………… have finally beaten the January blues. Whilst some people think of January as a time to jump straight into resolutions and abstain from all that is good in life, I would think of it as a time to actually put some thought into those resolutions first before hastily reacting to the turn of the New Year just to punish oneself!

January is one of the longer months on the calendar….so why not use that to our advantage by treating it as extra time to plan for the year ahead and set achievable, non-reactive goals. Heading into a new working year after having had a relaxing break for Christmas can quite often mean a clearer head, a clearer schedule and the perfect opportunity to plan how to implement a goal so that you carry it out with realistic targets in place to monitor. So instead of saying ‘I’m going to tackle it all head on come the 1st Jan’ why not say ‘Come the 1st Jan I’m going to begin my plan to achieve my 2017 goals’ Equally, why not use this formula year around when you have any goal on your hit list?

Planning is often underestimated and quite often it is a lack of planning that leads us to unsuccessful goal accomplishment or certainly non completion of them, so it’s time to get smart about our goal setting. Rather than vague, ambiguous goals such as ‘I must get healthy’ we will break it down further…..Think:

  1. Specifics: How will I get healthier?……gym, walking, athletic club, badminton, diet or a combination?…………..When that is decided it is then time to get some particulars which brings us to step 2
  2. Measurements……..searching the web, picking up the phone…..getting as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision on which will work best for you……… classes are €20 for three weekly sessions, 8pm in the local hall, how much extra will it cost on your shopping list to buy your organic produce and where you can get the best deals?….. if you join a badminton club is there membership payments to consider, can you play socially or do you have to compete and if so will that take more time from your week?? You get the idea……….information is power; you can’t go too wrong with too much of it. Based on your findings you can then move to the next step of your goal setting process and decide which option is the most………..
  3. Achievable for you………..Maybe it’s yoga class married with healthy eating that seems to be the way forward having had done your measurements? It may suit your budget, your lifestyle and you save cost on petrol to and from class as it’s in the local hall which you can walk to (and get even more exercise!!)…..also if I buy my organic produce weekly and invest in a cheap meals cook book I can incorporate this into family dinners to save time cooking separately for my diet (and everyone else stand to benefit too!!) So now, you have made your decision based on your measurements and what is achievable to your time and your budget, however you must ensure that this decision is relevant and that you haven’t just picked it because it’s the cheapest, or what you would deem the easiest………which brings us to step 4!!
  4. Relevance……………is yoga relevant to you? Or is it just ideal? A goal that is of relevance to you will be far more achievable so if you do suffer from stress issues also or you have bad joints that can’t cope with long distance running or walking then absolutely yoga would be a relevant way forward and suited to you right now!!! Finally…….no goal is complete without setting a time frame to it….
  5. Time framed………..every goal that you set in life small or otherwise must have a realistic time frame in which you set out to achieve it by, otherwise you will have a fabulously orchestrated plan that you will definitely get to, someday, sometime?!?!? So if you wish to reduce your cholesterol then you should know how high it is and know realistically how long it will physically take to reduce, (based on your specific and measurements step)……. So, there’s no point embarking on your healthy eating routine for 2 weeks and expecting when you return to the doctors for it to have reduced dramatically, we must be realistic here, otherwise we will be disappointed and demotivated to continue on our feat……..set targets for yourself………..’I will make an appointment with the doctor for the first week of march and from there I should see my results and alter my time frame for my next target based on that appointment!!!’.

So basically, a well informed and planned goal will ensure completion and motivation for any objective, be it brushing up on your organisational or IT skills at work, saving for your summer holiday or your car…….. through setting yourself realistic and achievable targets along the way in line with your lifestyle the skies the limit!!

So going forward instead of focussing on the ‘what’, let’s focus on the ‘how’……how your goal will be achieved…….who knows, you might surprise yourself with your abilities!!!


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