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MONERE is a world leader in a global graduate development, skills, and Talent Development programmes. Our multi-disciplinary graduate development programmes are the right choice for ambitious and highly motivated graduates who want to advance along their career pathway.

Overview of Lamp, Lifeboat and Lighthouse Leadership Programmes

“Be a lamp, a lifeboat or a lighthouse.” – Jalaluddin Rumi.

Be a Lamp: From a leadership standpoint, this means to show people the way.
As a first-time leader or manager of people, you have to show your followers the way using the light of your own lamp. This means that you must be ready and able to shine as brightly as possible so that others will be inspired to follow you. By learning how to be a Lamp, you will learn the basic tenets of Leadership and Management so that you have enough light in your Lamp for yourself and those who report to you.

Below is an overview of the 5 day programme for front line Managers:

TopicDay 1
Day 2
People Management & Process
Day 3
Clarity of Purpose
Day 4
Stakeholder Management
Day 5
Strategy Appreciation
8:00amWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & Review
8:40amIdentifying your values – balance work and lifeWhy you:

Confidence to Lead

Getting results through othersWho do you work forThe language of Strategy
9:30amPersonality ProfileManaging yourselfDelegating effectivelyCustomer and Client communication (DISC model)Interpreting Strategy
11:00amHow do you learn?Getting to know your people – building trustWhat you should be doingAssessing relationshipsCommunicating Strategy
12:00pmYour key strengthsSetting expectationsKnowing your businessBuilding trustCreating a vision
1:00pm Lunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest Speaker
2:00pmAreas you need to developConflict Recognition and ManagementTask and Social responsibilitiesNetworkingContributing to Strategy
3:00pmReflective PracticeGiving Praise & FeedbackMixing and MinglingRisk ManagementSecuring Resources
4:00pmReviewing your own performanceManaging TimeSetting targets for yourself and othersPleasantly surprising othersInfluencing strategy
5:00pmActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & Wrap

MONERE’s Graduate Development Programme:

Our graduate development training is a structured graduate learning and development programmes that hone their skills, knowledge, and career journey. Being the #1destination for leadership courses and learning strategy programmes, MONERE is committed to offering aspiring graduates required training & support to help them become true achievers.

Our training programmes are beyond excellence. It’s perfectly designed for graduates and technical professionals and includes training of innovative, hands-on technical and non-technical industry-oriented applications. Our motto is to create high-end skilled professionals, who could easily implement their ideas.

Graduate Development Areas We Cover:

We understand the importance of getting Graduates off to a great start in any organization. We deliver a practical and measurable programme which allows Graduates to gain critical workplace knowledge and skills so that they can perform at their personal best.

The programme is 5 days in duration, delivered one day a month for 5 months and covers the following:

  1. Being  your Best Self
  2. Time and Task Management
  3. Key elements in planning, executing and closing projects
  4. Interpersonal and Team Skills
  5. Communication skills – Written, Verbal, Non-verbal

Along with best-in-class training Graduate development coaching clinics, MONERE offers participants an opportunity to get training in their key locations. There is no better time than now to drive your career faster with a practical, hands-on learning  approach.

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