Graduate Development Programmes

We understand the importance of getting Graduates off to a great start in any organisation.

We deliver a practical and measurable programme which allows Graduates to gain critical workplace knowledge and skills so that they can perform at their personal best.

The programme is 8 days in duration, delivered one day a month for 8 months.

The topics covered are:

  • Being your Best Self

  • Understanding the industry and business that you are in

  • Listening and Learning

  • Building Relationships

  • Communication Skills

  • Practical Project Management

  • Working as part of a Team

  • Presentation and Speaking Skills

The programme is delivered face to face in an instructor-led environment with the following elements:

  • Guest Speakers – internal from the business or external from Sport, Business or Personal Resilience experience.

  • Project work with colleagues: Design an infographic on a topic, Write a blog, Present to Senior Leaders, Case Study Analysis, Focus Groups

  • Webinar follow-up sessions

  • Reflective Diary/Journal or Progress Reports

  • Recommended reading – books/articles/blogs/

  • Direct Manager Support

  • Stakeholder Reports

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