Grow Your Own Business Leaders

Grow Your Own Business Leaders

At MONERE, we believe that it is possible to develop people into competent and confident leaders within your business. Right from selecting the right people, developing their potential, and fueling their enthusiasm, the whole process requires resources and time.

If you’re among those budding organizations that are looking for best-in-class talent management solutions without burning a hole in your capital, MONERE is here to help.

The MONERE Leadership development Programme is ideal for the clients looking to:

  1. Identify potential leaders within the business
  2. Improve management and leadership capability
  3. Identify and/or validate personnel potential
  4. Develop structured career and development opportunities

Our Leadership Development Programme is a proven process that accomplishes the demands of workforce and their current and future business priorities. The Programme encourages the following strengths:

  1. Contribution and market forecasting capacity
  2. Ability to work on multiple issues during emergencies
  3. Encourages experience sharing and network development
  4. Increasingly interested in having challenging and meaningful work
  5. More concerned about work-life balance
  6. Prepared to take ownership of their careers and development

Why MONERE for Leadership Training:

With our seamless ability to effectively hire, retrain, deploy and engage talent, we offer companies and startups true competitive advantage over the competition.

We have been helping organizations with attracting and retaining right talent to develop future leaders. We work in association with boards and leadership teams of reputed organizations to instill values-based cultures that deliver outstanding results. With our talent management toolkits, we aim at producing future leaders and line managers who can contribute to the organization’s growth.

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Overview of Lamp, Lifeboat and Lighthouse Leadership Programmes

“Be a lamp, a lifeboat or a lighthouse.” – Jalaluddin Rumi.

Be a Lamp: From a leadership standpoint, this means to show people the way.
As a first-time leader or manager of people, you have to show your followers the way using the light of your own lamp. This means that you must be ready and able to shine as brightly as possible so that others will be inspired to follow you. By learning how to be a Lamp, you will learn the basic tenets of Leadership and Management so that you have enough light in your Lamp for yourself and those who report to you.

Below is an overview of the 5 day programme for front line Managers:

TopicDay 1
Day 2
People Management & Process
Day 3
Clarity of Purpose
Day 4
Stakeholder Management
Day 5
Strategy Appreciation
8:00amWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & Review
8:40amIdentifying your values – balance work and lifeWhy you:

Confidence to Lead

Getting results through othersWho do you work forThe language of Strategy
9:30amPersonality ProfileManaging yourselfDelegating effectivelyCustomer and Client communication (DISC model)Interpreting Strategy
11:00amHow do you learn?Getting to know your people – building trustWhat you should be doingAssessing relationshipsCommunicating Strategy
12:00pmYour key strengthsSetting expectationsKnowing your businessBuilding trustCreating a vision
1:00pm Lunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest Speaker
2:00pmAreas you need to developConflict Recognition and ManagementTask and Social responsibilitiesNetworkingContributing to Strategy
3:00pmReflective PracticeGiving Praise & FeedbackMixing and MinglingRisk ManagementSecuring Resources
4:00pmReviewing your own performanceManaging TimeSetting targets for yourself and othersPleasantly surprising othersInfluencing strategy
5:00pmActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & Wrap
Be a Lifeboat: How can someone be a lifeboat?
When a leader is a lifeboat, they must ensure that they are thinking of their followers. They are keeping them afloat and helping them out. A leader is someone that can fill many roles. When you are having trouble doing something, who do you go to? Your leader! A good leader can show you things you didn’t know, and help you do things that you are having trouble with. The Lifeboat Programme will suit Middle Managers who may have a larger team reporting into them and who have to help solve more complex problems with their team members, while all the time helping them to learn and ultimately, save themselves! Below is an overview of the 5 day programme for front Mid-Level Managers:

TopicDay 1
Advanced People Management Skills
Day 2
Impact of Self on others
Day 3
Motivating Others
Day 4
Stakeholder Management
Day 5
Strategy Implementation
8:00amWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & Review
8:40amSituational ManagementSelf-ReflectionMotivation ModelsNegotiating & Influencing ModelsInterpreting and Influencing Strategy Models
9:30amKey skills & attributes required to Manage a teamPlanning, Organising, Setting and Communicating Expectations to othersBuilding sustainable relationships with internal and external parties & Managing MillennialsCultural and diversity awarenessDevising a ‘local’ strategy for a project
11:00amWorking through ConflictEnsuring equity and fairness on the team (prevention of bias)Promoting Ethics and AccountabilityCommunication in a crisisConducting strategy reviews in meetings and off-sites
12:00pmPerformance ManagementCritical CommunicationPresenting with PurposeManaging Staff, Clients, Senior Leaders, Peers and TeamSetting Aims, Goals and Objectives to implement strategy
1:00pm Lunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest Speaker
2:00pmEmpowering & Inspiring othersLeading by Example:

Disagreeing Agreeably, Apologising responsibly and Asking for Help

Presenting with PurposeProject Management (Progress tracking using a set of templates for Planning, Execution, Risk, Quality, HSEQ & Sustainability)Balancing competing demands for resources
3:00pmProject Management PrinciplesProject Management (Planning Stage)Enabling Change & InnovationFacilitating Strategy Alteration
4:00pmProject Management (Start-up Stage)Project Management (Commercial viability)Project Management (Execution Stage)Project Management (Closure)
5:00pmActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & Wrap
Be a Lighthouse: What can you do to be a better Senior Leader?
Be a Lighthouse. When you first started, were you already navigating the various challenges and choppy waters alone and successfully? Or did you have someone helping you, listening to you, showing you the way, helping you avoid trouble? That person was your Lighthouse, helping you by providing you and your team with far-reaching wisdom and the benefit of their extensive experience in the industry. These people are problem solvers, networkers, advisors, advocates and naturally move both the business and their teams forward. The Lighthouse Programme is designed for Senior Leaders to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attributes to serve their team (s) and the organisation to their full potential.

TopicDay 1
Leading People
Day 2
Selecting & Leading a Team
Day 3 Building Effective TeamsDay 4
Key Account Management
Day 5 Strategy Cascade & Development
8:00amWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & ReviewWelcome & Review
8:40amServing othersTeam Building TheoryUnderstanding Personality StylesIdentifying business opportunitiesStrategy Formation
9:30amLeading without a titleCompetency Gap AnalysisWorking with a team in crisisSecuring new businessWriting Policy Documents
11:00amLeading Millennials and bridging generation gapsInterviewing & Hiring for SuccessAddressing the Social Agenda with teamsCommercial Awareness in Self & OthersSecuring Commitment from stakeholders
12:00pmInspiring CommitmentInterviewing & Hiring for SuccessCoaching SkillsBuilding & Nurturing RelationshipsAdapting Strategy if required
1:00pm Lunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest SpeakerLunch & Guest Speaker
2:00pmSituational LeadershipSetting Team ExpectationsEffective Team MeetingsBalancing the Sale with the DeliveryInnovative Thinking
3:00pmContinuous Development of Self & OthersLeading people through ChangeHolding a Team AccountableWorking with Clients, Suppliers, Buyers & othersStrategy Execution through others
4:00pmSeeking FeedbackTeam Time ManagementEthics and AccountabilityCommunicating Change & Seeking feedbackShaping the future of the organisation
5:00pmActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & WrapActions & Wrap
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