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Our working life nowadays can be hectic due to the ever increasing environment of ‘double jobbing’. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, number one….you’re lucky, and number two……it basically means the taking on of extra tasks in the workplace due to a result of the economic downturn and employers having to be reluctant to take on more staff with the risk of having to have let them go again in the not too distant future

So for those existing ‘double jobbers’ or the potentially new ones, who have just realised there is an actual term for what they have been doing since 2009, I have two words for you………………Professional Development.

If you are an accountant who finds themselves maintaining the company website then it is probably time for you to enrol in a digital marketing course. If you are a personal assistant and you find yourself chairing a meeting on behalf of an executive then you should probably enrol in a Presentation Skills course. I think that for some reason as a society we feel that we have to just get on with it, don’t say a word and ‘hope for the best’ when really we can just make working life easier for ourselves by investing in our professional growth, we might even like it.

Companies/organisations are investing more and more in professional training for the very reason mentioned in paragraph one………they do not want to commit to hiring new employees as it can be too much of a risk. So…..why not speak to your manager/team leader and enquire about any training opportunities that may be available, who knows, they may even say yes!!!


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