New to Management Programmes

A common challenge that exists in many organizations is that people are promoted due to their specialist expertise and are expected to then lead a team to perform to a certain standard.

Our new to management programmes is ideal for new managers to help them have an easy transition from a successful operations person to successful manager. The new responsibility requires completely different skills. Therefore, our manager training programme equips the participants with the training and skills needed.

Programme Designed for First Time Managers:

During the training, we share an advanced set of necessary tools, skills, and training, right from the start. The training that we provide helps them become next generation leaders who can produce greater results for your organization. Only through a proper training & support, managers learn to become more supporting, motivating, and empowering.

With our management leadership toolkit, aspiring managers would be able to learn the following:

  1. Communication Skills for Managers
  2. Managing Time and Tasks
  3. Leading effective meetings and one to ones
  4. Understanding and appreciating differences in work styles
  5. Ethics and Accountability Awareness
  6. Commercial Awareness
  7. Presenting to Senior Leaders

We can help people to prepare succeed as a people manager either in a group, one to one or online setting.

On Site Training:

With our on-site training, MONERE runs widest range of informative, inspiring, and engaging training programmes to empower managers address their leadership and talent development challenges.


MONERE’s certified coaches provide one-to-one leadership coaching reinforce training programmes to executives, managers, or team members to instill to hone their leadership, relationship-building and problem-solving skills even further.

Virtual Training:

MONERE’s expert trainers can deliver live, virtual management training and development sessions with world-class content right from their desks. Our virtual training is a blended management training solution that merges one-to-one and virtual training sessions together reduce time and money incurred on training.

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