Post-Learning Engagement Tool

Despite the on-going challenge to measure actual return on investment when it comes to your learning and development budget, it’s reassuring to know that people do pick up some key nuggets of useful information during courses.

We want to help you provide evidence around that people have a actually learned something by providing you with an option to measure the Learning Engagement that happens after the event when they are back at work.

To do this, we partner with a company called “Elephants Don’t Forget” and use their innovative software, an app called “Clever Nelly”. This allows us to send 2 questions per day for 30, 60, or 90 days after the course to the participant.

Each question has a limit of 30 seconds to be answered. So it required just 1 minute per day from each participant. Participants can have the questions delivered to their email inbox, or can choose to use the app on their smartphone or device. At the end of each week, a Learning Engagement Report is sent to the key stakeholders, which will show the percentages of correct answers per topic covered, per person. This allows the sponsor of training events to report on the return on investment in a measured and quantitative way.

Click here to see a sample of a Learning Engagement Report:

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