Pre-Learning Diagnostic Tools

Our pre-learning diagnostic tools are designed to analyze what motivates people to engage with Learning. These diagnostic tools ideally identify learner’s learning behaviour, their possible misconceptions and required skill sets. A diagnostic assessment gives us a deeper insight into your workforce, so that we can create more meaningful and memorable learning.

Types of Pre-Learning Diagnostic Tools:

At MONERE, we use the following methods to ensure the right people are matched with the right learning offer:

1. Surveys

At MONERE, our pre-learning assessment starts with offering learners a survey to get their thoughts and opinions on suggested courses. It engages them better and makes them an integral part of the training experience. Pre-training surveys are an innovative way to infuse learning ability in learners.

2. Skills and Knowledge Assessment

By giving learners quick quizzes we determine their awareness about the topic to be presented. The assessment will bring an idea about the learning preferences of learners and tells more about which aspects of the course they may need to focus more on.

3. Knowledge Development Assessment

The assessment brings forth a deeper insight into employees’ gaining skills, competencies and knowledge to perform any role assigned in the organization. This determines about the individual’s ability to cope with job skills, knowledge and attributes required to perform responsibilities.

4. Function specific assessments

At MONERE, our team of curriculum designers design function specific assessments to determine key gaps in training. It helps us to perfect our training content to address these gaps bring in a better approach to learning the skills. Our accurate benchmarking methodology ensures that training assessment accurately carried out.

By conducting such an exhaustive assessment prior to your training, we ensure that appropriate and relevant training is offered to your employees so that they can improve their overall efficiency.

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