Learning Supports

Our pre-learning supports are designed to analyze what motivates people to engage with Learning. These tools ideally identify learner’s learning behaviour, their possible misconceptions and required skill sets. A support assessment gives us a deeper insight into your workforce, so that we can create more meaningful and memorable learning.

Types of Pre-Learning Supports:

At MONERE, we use the following methods to ensure the right people are matched with the right learning offer:

1. Surveys

At MONERE, our pre-learning assessment starts with offering learners a survey to get their thoughts and opinions on suggested courses. It engages them better and makes them an integral part of the training experience. Pre-training surveys are an innovative way to infuse learning ability in learners.

2. CheckMate

At the end of our corporate training programmes and courses, we evaluate the ROI by generating a report based on learner feedback. Using various post-engagement learning tools, such as CheckMate, we get to know how well the program was received by the learners. It also helps us dive deeper into a programme’s effectiveness and relevance.




3. The Learning Vault

MONERE Learning Vault is the latest product designed to help you access short, useful, snappy learning resources in a way that suits your personal learning preferences and situation. It can also used in conjunction with our training for pre-course, course and post-course material that can benefit the speed and resources required for any of our courses.

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