Ireland currently has the fastest growing economy in Europe and businesses are back booming. In fact, 22,354 new companies were registered in Ireland last year, a figure up by just over 6% in 2016. While this is great news and it is a welcome change from the previous years, we do need to be aware with a boom in business comes a boom in stress.

Stress is our body’s reaction to a perceived threat. While this automatic reaction once served to keep early humans alive by priming our bodies to fight for food or flee from a threat. Today the chances of a bear attacking us in our place of business have thankfully reduced dramatically!

However, our body still reacts the same way pumping hormones around our body when we are exposed to the modern stresses of bills, KPI’s, deadlines and all the rest of our business pressures. For some, the bear strolling into our office might be a welcome distraction form these new stressors.

With a shocking 82% of Irish workers acknowledging that they are stressed and only 17% receiving formal stress management training, it is no wonder that work-related stress is quickly becoming the most common reason for absence due to a work-related illness.

However, there are some really simple techniques that we can add to our daily lives that have been proven to reduce stress. In our Stress Management Webinar this Friday we will look at ways of reducing the physical symptoms of stress by tricking the body and we will also look at ways of reducing the psychological stress by spending just three minutes with yourself each day.

To book your place and improve your stress management visit MONEREDEVELOPMENTSERVICES.COM or call us on 058 75000.

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