‘No Time for Time Management??’

Have you ever wondered where all your time goes at work? Do you have great intentions at the start of the week only to realise that your ‘to do’ list has not decreased in any dramatic way since you compiled it on Monday?………..If you say yes to each of these then you have a time management issue and you should continue reading!!

Image result for time managementFirstly, it is important that in order to counteract your ‘time parasites’ you create ‘time generators’ for yourself, examples of such are: switching off your mobile phone, using shortcuts on your PC/laptop, using a service that blocks junk mail, requesting help when necessary and listening well to your colleagues and/or managers. This may seem like you might only save a couple of minutes on each ‘time generator’ you adhere to however, you have to envisage this on a larger scale and think of the time you will save accumulatively…….

How often do you check your mobile phone at work? 1….2……20 times a day? If you multiply that ‘20’ times by an average of 20 seconds (and that’s probably the lower end of the phone checker scale!) then that’s over 6 minutes a day which equates to 33 minutes from your working week, which is a pretty substantial amount of time taken from your task list………bearing in mind that this may be just one of your ‘time parasites’

Now think about the time that you spend figuring out exactly what’s involved in the tasks assigned to you, dissecting general information given to you in a team meeting where you were too intimidated to put your hand up and ask for clarity………This unfortunately can equate to hours lost in the week, if you are unsure what it is that you have to do then it is important that you ask for further information or you will waste time redrafting and/or become one of your colleagues ‘time parasites’ by constantly requesting their assistance.Image result for time management

Generating your time as best as you possibly can will save you precious time in the workplace that you may never have realised you were wasting………   who knows you may just get to the bottom of that ‘to do’ list too!!

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