1:1 Training Options

Why 1:1 Training @ MONERE?

Our 1:1 training sessions equips people with the ability to perform their job efficiently so that they can perform their job efficiently.  Our experience and research has suggested that in some situations, people would prefer to learn in a one to one setting as opposed to in a group.

Some examples of 1:1 training courses include the following:

  1. Strategy planning and Implementation
  2. Leadership and Management in practice
  3. Strategic Customer Service
  4. Innovative Thinking
  5. Motivation and Engagement
  6. Business Development – Creating new opportunities
  7. Delegation and Performance Management
  8. Networking for Success
  9. Managing Time for Self and Others
  10. Interviewing and Hiring

This can be due to certain time constraints whereupon we are required to deliver training at the person’s place of work so that they can use live data and situations to use in the training. It often suits time-poor owner/managers and senior level directors who are required to have all required information in order to make business critical-decisions.

MONERE 1:1 Training Options can help provide such access to information so that the senior person can feel confident and be competent in the execution of their duties.

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